Cruise ships are floating cities

by davidwerst on January 17, 2013

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Cruises from Galveston are convenient

Going on a Galveston cruise is not leaving civilization – it’s more like parking your car at the rat race to board the ideal city. New cruisers are amazed that cruise ships are larger than some land-based communities – with 3,000 + passengers and half again that number in cruise staff.  They are certainly larger than the closest community to where Texas Cruise Company is located!  Our home city has a population of 850.  Of course another much larger city is close by us.

And a cruise from Galveston is just so convenient.  Galveston cruises offer a choice of ships and itineraries that are hard to beat and Texas Cruise Company can guide you every step of the way.

You’ll find practically everything on the ship that you left on land, except the stress. That stress stays on the dock.  Modern

Start at Galveston then stop at some fabulous Caribbean ports.

Start at Galveston then stop at some fabulous Caribbean ports.

cruise ships are marvels of engineering. The anti-roll technology and computerized monitoring means that you hardly notice the movement when underway.  Worried about getting seasick?  That is probably not going to be your major worry.  Your major worry is worrying that the cruise will end before you have done everything you want to do.

The cruise ship is organized much like a city. The cabins are neighborhoods with some budget accommodations and other neighborhoods with elaborate suites with oceanfront balconies. You even get a daily “newspaper” in the form of the days activities delivered to your room and slid under the door during the predawn hours. On Royal Caribbean it is called the Compass and it tells everything you want to know about the upcoming day and the next port of call.

Lobster tailWhen you awake, the biggest decision you have to make is what to do today from among the overwhelming list of shipboard activities.  Food choices are beyond imagination on all cruise lines, particularly the larger ships.  It’s best to use the cruise compass or similar daily publication to plan your day.

You can eat in the main dining room or go to one of several specialty restaurants. If you love the sushi bar, Mexicali or Italian bistro, you can eat there. Or you can have food served almost anytime on the deck under the stars.

What’s so amazing is that you have so many choices for breakfast, lunch, snack, afternoon tea, dinner and late night snacks, which are all part of the total cruise price. Whether you order filet mignon or lobster – or both, there’s no grimacing as you receive the full plate. It’s all part of the cruise price.

For food lovers, cruising is one great meal after another. If you hate the daily commute, you’ll be thrilled with cruise travel. You can walk around the ship to anything you want to do. And if you overeat, you can still keep up your fitness routine at the health club, which is usually on the upper decks.  We always make time for a walk around the upper deck track.  It’s a pretty good sight to see as you are walking and cruising over the open water.  Then check in at the luxurious spa for massage, facial or a soak in the whirlpool. If you’re bored (which is tough to imagine), look at the daily activities list.

Visit the card room, Internet Café, video game room or attend a lecture in the library. Sports are big on-board activities. You can find a pick up game for basketball, try your aim with indoor golf, or participate in some rock wall climbing. When you get tired after any activity,  just take a seat anywhere and take a break while watching the ocean move by.

Jeff Strahan and Joe Forlini

You can also select a theme cruise and you’ll find plenty of people who share your interests.  Music lovers can find a cruise based on rock and roll, country music, classical or cruising to the oldies.

Wine tasters and gourmet food buffs are frequent cruises enjoying not only special tastings on board but also excursions to places that cater to their interests. Most every type of hobby has a theme cruise so you connect with others who are just as dedicated to model railroads, scrap-booking or photography as you are. You can also find faith based cruises for families who share your beliefs. When the group is large enough, the entire ship is chartered for special interest groups.

Cruise ships also have practical features such as a doctor and infirmary, shopping for anything you forgot to bring from home, translators if needed, and plenty of advice about how to enjoy yourself on shore excursions. This is one floating city that’s devoted to making your stay absolutely perfect.

You can call Texas Cruise Company anytime at 325-835-7561 with confidence.  We have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied cruisers and we are also devoted to making your next cruise from Galveston absolutely perfect.

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