Class Reunion Group Cruises

by davidwerst on July 18, 2014

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Reunion group cruises

We recently enjoyed pictures posted on Facebook of a class reunion cruise.  It was the class two years ahead of my high school graduating class, but since it was a smaller school, we all knew each other quite well.  Those guys were having the best time visiting, catching up, and enjoying the fun, personal service and sun only a cruise ship can offer.

Generations of the Werst Men

Generations of the Werst Men

Many of them had grandkids with them and those of us who were at home enjoying the photos posted just had to ask ourselves…..Why don’t we do that too?

Texas Cruise Company has the experience and resources needed to organize your class reunion cruise with ease.  All we need is a contact or class leader who can act as the lead contact person and we can work with them to plan everything, attend to the details of organizing a group, and make the class leader’s job so much easier than going it alone.

And the best part is….we are paid by the cruise lines, not those who benefit from our experience and service.

The same ‘good service’ guidelines goes for any type of group cruise;  Family reunion cruises, friends group cruises, sports league groups and just about any sort of group you can imagine.

We have done this many times before and have the experience in handling the many questions and details such as health issues, cabin selections, excursion choices, medical issues, hotels before and after the cruise, itineraries, the ships and even which cruise line we recommend for the time everyone has available. The fact is, we have already dealt with a lot of these issues on past group cruises and we know what to do.

You can get the ball rolling on organizing your next group cruise with a simpleMaster Cruise Counselor Logo phone call to Texas Cruise Company anytime at 830-535-4089.  We are very prompt at returning phone calls and you can contact us with the confidence that we are Master Cruise Counselors as certified by CLIA, a cruise line industry standard.  That means we REALLY know what we are doing.

Texas Cruise Company LogoRemember, cruises are often booked a year or more in advance and the time passes quicker than you might think.  Call well ahead of your intended travel date so everyone in your group can be best served.


Happy cruising

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San Antonio Cruise

by davidwerst on June 30, 2014

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San Antonio Group Cruises

There is nothing much more fun or satisfying than taking a group of friends or family on a group cruise from Galveston…..or any other port for that matter.  It’s just that San Antonio is close enough to Galveston for a leisurely trip to the coast to vacation together.

According to Google Maps, Galveston is only about a three and a half hour trip from downtown San Antonio at the Alamo or 246 miles.  You can adjust your trip from your location.  At any rate, it is a lot closer and more convenient from many other areas of the Great State.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 5.33.17 PM

Texas Cruise Company is a Galveston Cruise Specialist.  We have booked very large groups and very small groups and can take complete care of the many details that come up when getting your group together.

Things you will need to consider are:

  • Group leader communication
  • Passport issues
  • Activities for kids
  • Shore excursions
  • Taking payments-reminders of deadlines
  • Keeping in touch with busy members of the group
  • Hotels for group members out of San Antonio
  • Balcony cabins, Ocean View or inside cabins (and getting cabins located as close together as possible)
  • Pre-Registration
  • Documents, Boarding Passes, Luggage Tags
  • Discounted Parking
  • Group Dining

Those are just a few of the details, there are many more.  Also, for a larger group, we provide a private web page accessible to only members of the group with information specifically for that group.  This is a big help and a central place for group members to go find information about all the little details, who all is going and has already booked cabins, and we have even arranged for a special meeting place for everyone in certain circumstances.

Call Texas Cruise Company anytime at 830-535-4089 to set up your next group cruise from San Antonio.  We specialize in group cruises and are good at keeping everyone fully informed of all the details.

And remember-we get paid from the cruise lines, not you!  It does not cost you more to use a cruise specialist such as Texas Cruise Company.

Happy Cruising
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