Sail on Princess from Houston

by davidwerst on March 7, 2014

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Princess has 30 sailings from Texas scheduled

Pick a date over 2014 and 2015 and set sail on Princess from Houston to the Western Caribbean.  Princess is world famous for its cruises and just as importantly for its service to cruise customers.

Texas Cruise Company can easily book your fantastic next cruise on Princess so you can experience their service and ships first hand.  It might be a little step up from what you are accustomed to, but that is all good news for folks wanting to sail out of a Texas port.


Take your pick and give us a call anytime at 830-535-4089.

Here’s a 7-day cruise
Ships: Caribbean Princess | Emerald Princess
Ports: Houston, Texas | Island of Cozumel, Mexico |Island of Roatan, Honduras | Belize City, Belize |Houston, Texas
Here is a 5-day cruise on November 11, 2014 only.
Emerald Princess
Ports: Houston, Texas | Progreso, Mexico |Island of Cozumel, Mexico | Houston, Texas
Who are we?  We are Texas Cruise Company.  Thousands of bookings and the Master Cruise Counselor designation mean we REALLY know what we are doing.  Give a call for your next cruise…..830-535-4089.





8 things cruisers need to know

by davidwerst on January 13, 2014

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Fall might be least expensive time to cruise

Here are some tips from Texas Cruise Company that should be useful to cruisers and they are good for sailings from nearly any port including Galveston.

1.  For cruises of 4, 5, or seven days, try to pack lightly.  You know there is not all that much room in a cabin and you won’t be in your cabin all that much. You will be out and about having fun!   Also, you can be advised there is nearly always a laundry service on board that is around $15 for a  medium size bag of clothing.  That way, you can take your fave outfit, have it laundered, and wear it again later in the cruise.  If in doubt, throw it out and don’t pack it.  Have fun – travel light, pack light.

2.  Use a travel agent.  Pick your favorite in your town or call us….We’re really friendly, knowledgable and we are Master Cruise Counselors with CLIA.  That means we REALLY know what we are doing.  Call us anytime at 830-535-4089.  If you want concierge service on any budget…..we are the agents to call.  We really concentrate on friendly customer service, saving you every last penny, and making your cruise trip the one you remember.

3.  Fall is the least expensive time of year to cruise.  That would be September to the middle of December and generally the first two weeks of January.  In fact, January and February are known in the cruise industry as “Wave Season.”  We know how to grab the bargains and boy do we know the port of Galveston.  Galveston Cruises are the bulk of what we do, although we book cruises worldwide. Cruises from Galveston are getting more popular every day due to the ease of cruising from Galveston.  We book cruises from any port, even as we speak, we are booking a smaller group cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.  That is also a cruise we have taken and we loved it.

4.  Do a little advance planning and book a visit to the spa as soon as you get on the ship.  Just ask any of the crew where the spa is located and get your spot in line.  A good time to visit the spa is when the ship visits a popular port.  Get your sightseeing done early, then get back and have a massage.  Sounds good and is good!

5.  Speaking of land excursions, do your homework and book your excursions early….and possibly through local tour operators.  They meet you at the ship and take you to the places you have always wanted to visit.  Or, we have simply hailed a cab or bus and caught a ride to the downtown area or to the beach.  Warning:  Watch the clock!  Unlike ship sponsored tours, there is no guarantee the ship will wait if you are late.  For first timer cruisers….stick with ship sponsored shore excursions.  They are wonderful and they must please the cruise lines or they will not stay in business.  As you gain confidence, you can venture out a bit more.

6.  Take the kids.  I have never seen kids have as much fun anywhere else as on a cruise ship.  The mega-ships have water parks, miniature golf, basketball, kids programs galore ad you can see them having a great time.  Some lines even have special rates for kids as third or fourth passengers.  Even the shy kids report having a great time with the special cruise line camp counselors on-board.

7.  Room service is free.  Room service is free.  Room service is free.  Did we mention that room service is free?  We often like to start early with a pot of coffee and croissants…..even before breakfast.  It is delivered to the room by a cheerful steward.  Here’s how it goes:  ”My husband/wife just pulls the covers over their head while the other opens to door to receive the coffee.”    Some couples even have dinner served in their room with the balcony door open to make it a romantic dinner date.  Don’t hesitate to call room service.  It’s all included!  And an additional tip:  ice tea and coffee are free…but that tropical drink they offer you on-board may be as much as $12.

8.  Exceptional service from a travel agent is something everyone should experience at lease once.  By calling Texas Cruise Company, you can experience exceptional, above and beyond service, for a wonderful cruise experience.  If you are a first time cruiser or even if you travel with an experienced group of cruisers, your best choice would be to call us at 830-535-4089.  We are Texas Cruise Company, but we sail world-wide.  Get your cruise boots on and lets go!


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